Tiny GPS Tracker & App. Powered by sunshine.

About as big as a pack of gum. Smaller than a car key.

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The LightBug GPS Tracking deviceCoins to show how small LightBug is

What can LightBug be used for?

LightBug next to smartphone, showing app and size
  • GPS Tag - Find your lost or stolen stuff

    GPS Security Tag

    Find your lost or stolen stuff

    Attach it to anything. Put it on your bike, backpack or even your keyring

    LightBug never needs charging and works in any country

    See Tracking stuff.

  • Tracker for children, elderly and employees

    Personal GPS Tracker

    Track the people you care about

    Locate your loved ones or employees at the tap of a button

    LightBug has a panic button so you can always know when something is wrong

    See Tracking People.

  • Pet GPS Tracker. Find your missing pet

    Pet GPS Tracker

    Track your cat, dog, sheep or horse

    Worried your pet goat will go on an adventure, never to be seen again?

    Set up zones in the LightBug App and receive an alert if the bounds are crossed.

    See Tracking pets.

  • Sports GPS tracker. Track your runs, bike rides and more. Automatic data upload.

    Sports GPS  [Coming Soon]

    Track your run, bike ride or hike

    Record your outdoor pursuits. Get loads of stats, like speed and distance.

    All data is securely floated up to the cloud and is available online and in the LightBug app

    Coming Soon

  • Home automation integration

    GPS based Automation  [Coming Soon]

    Switch off lights when no-one's home.

    Control your anything using IFTTT rules

    LightBug can trigger custom actions or reminders based on location, movement or proximity

How it works

Tech Spec

53x27x15mm Technical drawing of smallest GPS Tracker dimensions
Smaller than a car keyfob
At just 53 x 27 x 15mm, we've seen spiders bigger than this bug.
Weighs just 33 grams
Awesome Battery Life  (800mAh)
  • Roughly 10 hours in live stream mode
  • Transmits every 15 minutes for up to 8 days without seeing sunlight
  • Lasts forever in GPS tag mode (transmits every few hours)
Quadband GSM/GPRS  (2G)
  • Integrated SIM card
  • Works in all countries with 2G networks
    Lightbug does not work in South Korea, Japan, Australia or Singapore
Low Energy Bluetooth  (LE 4.0)
  • So that you can find it more easily when you get close
  • Intelligent power saving mode when you are near it
  • Super accurate global satellite coverage
Enhanced Positioning
  • Get locations accurate within 30m even when indoors
  • Works just like the little blue circle on your phone in the Maps app.
Loads more cool stuff
  • Accelerometer for clever movement detection
  • Splashproof and shock proof
  • Operating Temperature 0°C to 60°C
  • Solar panel for trickle charging in tag mode
  • A small button to trigger alerts and switch modes
  • Keyring hole for easy attachment