Affordable IoT Sensors
designed to save you money

Custom IoT

Bespoke devices built on our modular platform

Environmental Monitoring

Remote Sensing

Remote Control

Data Collection

  • Front View of Lightbug Zero Small GPS Tracker with Long Battery Life
  • Side View of Lightbug Zero Small GPS Tracker with Long Battery Life
  • Bottom View of Lightbug Zero Small GPS Tracker with Long Battery Life

At Lightbug, we design all of our devices in house. Over the years, we've integrated many, many different sensors and we've used this knowledge to ensure our hardware and software platforms are as modular as possible.

This means we can easily integrate sensors and add new functionality in a matter of weeks - without needing to charge exorbitant amounts for "redevelopment". We're yet to find something we can't measure or communicate remotely, so why not get in touch?

Let's start simple

Trigger actions on button press, and know where that button press occured

For example, optimise collections by letting someone press a button to signal a container is full
Call to action button on Lightbug Pro GPS Tracker

Any sensor you want. Seriously.

  • Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, ...
  • Cycle sensors: Distance, Cadence, Heart Rate, ...
  • Ultrasonic Distance Measurement
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Solar panels & Light Sensors
  • Orientation, Tilt & Shock detection
  • Infrared Motion Detection
  • Effectively, any sensor with Analog, I2C, UART, OneWire, SPI or custom protocol is supported

Connectivty that suits you

Off the shelf

  • 2G with built in SIM card
  • 4G NBIoT + LTE-M with built in SIM Card
  • BLE
  • Wi-Fi

12 week lead time

  • 433/868/915/..MHZ unlicensed FSK communication
  • Sigfox
  • LoRa
  • Satellite: Iridium, Globalstar, ...

Beautifully presented data

Simple and easy to use out of the box

Graph of different objects detected by ultrasonic 4G device

Our modular control panel can accomodate all types of sensors

Quickly view data of interest or pull the data into your own systems with our API
Dimensions for Large IoT endurance device- 77 x 55 x 27 mm
Dimensions for small IoT endurance device- 53 x 38 x 12 mm