LightBug: GPS Tracker for the Elderly & Dementia Patients

A global safety net.

Absolutely tiny & Solar Powered

Elderly Alzheimers GPS Tracking

Peace of mind shouldn't come at the cost of independence.

Or privacy for that matter.

Looking after loved ones who wander is hard. LightBug is here to help you when you need it most, but won't periodically transmit location updates by default. Instead it will only send an alert when a perimeter is crossed or if an alert is triggered by an authorized person.

Rapid response is key to ensuring they are returned home safely.

Configuring LighBug to alert you when they leave home is easy:

1. Attach LighBug to an item of clothing or footwear

LightBug is small and discrete. Also works as a pendant or bracelet.

You can also place it inside a pocket, but you'll need to recharge it every month or so (solar panels don't work too well in the dark).

We'll notify you if the battery is low so you don't need to worry about it.

Wearable GPS Elderly Tracker
Accurate alerts based on boundaries

2. Set up zones and alerts on your phone

Get and alert if they leave an area or have a fall

Tell the LightBug where it should or shouldn't be and receive notifications if the bounds are crossed. LightBug can also detect sudden shocks using the in-built accelerometer.

Alerts are really easy to setup using a computer or smartphone.

3. Request a location update when you need it

If you prefer not to use alerts, you can also get location updates on demand

Next time the LightBug wakes up it will send its current position (more on this below). It will keep you updated until you cancel the emergency mode.

LightBug also has a SOS button which can be pressed to alert you instantly with the current location.

Alert mode with live updates

And that's it!

It really is that easy. Once set up there's nothing else to do. Not even charge it (as long as there is some light).

LightBug comes with a number of inclusive location and alert credits which should be enough for most people. If you requests locations regularly though, you might need to buy more. We think this is a fair way of covering our server costs without charging you for something you only use occasionally.

How does it work?

Configure everything

In order to achieve infinite battery life, the LightBug goes to sleep periodically. By default, it wakes up more or less often based on the charge it's getting from the solar panels. In cases where it's being kept in a bag pocket, this might mean hours before it next wakes up, which obviously isn't useful.

You can configure the LightBug to turn on more or less often based on the time of day and location (i.e. when not at home). All the settings are there, you will just need to spend a little extra time matching LightBug's configuration to their lifestyle.

Tech Spec