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Lightbug Fill

Compact Level Monitoring with exceptional battery life


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  • Side View of Lightbug Fill Level Sensor with GPS amd Long Battery Life
  • Front View of  Lightbug Fill Level Sensor with GPS and Long Battery Life
  • Back View of  Lightbug Fill Level Sensor with GPS and Long Battery Life showing AA Battery holder

Lightbug Fill is a small yet powerful level monitoring device, the first of it's kind to integrate a GPS receiver and (optional) 4G connectivity

Optimise your systems by collecting data in real time. Detects up to 8 different objects. Each reading is tagged with GPS coordinates, street name, temperature and more

Price includes FREE 1 month of data. More

You will need to sign up to a data plan when you first open the App. The plan is needed to cover SIM card costs and is £4.99 per month for up to 6 locations per day, or £9.99 per month for unlimited location updates. A 16% discount is available when paying yearly.

We're still open fulfilling orders but delivery times are likely to be affected.

Dimensions for Small Fill Level Sensor Lightbug Pro - 77 x 55 x 31 mm
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Technical Specifications

About the size of a deck of cards
Compact size of just 77 x 55 x 31 mm
Weighs approx 150g
Awesome Battery Life
  • Choice of replaceable (3x AA) or rechargeable batteries
  • Unrivaled power management systems
  • Amazing battery life in a small package
Accurate Ultrasonic Distance Measurement
  • Detect up to 8 individual objects
  • Exclude objects (such as a rim) from detection
  • 11m Range, Accuracy +/-2cm
  • Fully Waterproof option
Quadband 2G or 4G + 2G
GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo & QZSS
Lots of letters to say it can use any or all of the global satellite constellations for super accurate positioning 0.5-5m typ. accuracy outdoors.
Loads more useful features
  • Temperature sensor
  • Operating Temperature of -30°C to 60°C
  • Powerful control panel to view all devices on a single screen + mobile apps
  • Accelerometer for clever orientation detection
  • Waterproof (IP67) and shock proof
  • Button on the front to trigger alerts
  • Optional magnetic mount or mounting plates
Tablet showing control panel for many devices
Control panel showing all devices searchable Control panel showing all devices searching step 1 Control panel showing all devices searching step 2 Control Panel showing trail of locations Control panel showing available reports Route Report example Set up alerts example Setting up Working hours Sensor view with graphs Geofence setup example step 1 Geofence setup example step 2 Geofence setup example step 3 Geofence setup example step 4 Geofence setup example step 5 Geofence setup example step 6 Geofence setup example step 7 Geofence setup example step 8

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