LightBug: Remote & Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

Easy to deploy. Easy to Use.

Absolutely tiny. Solar Powered. Flexible fees.

Safety Monitoring made easy.

Emergency Button. Integrated GPS. Airtime included.

Know when something is wrong instantly. Get alerts wherever you are.

Manage all your devices from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

LightBug can easily be used as a remote worker safety device:

1. Distribute LightBugs to your workforce.

The devices are small enough to be mounted on helmets, boots or any item of clothing.

They can also be used to track tools, vehicles and equipment. Manage all your workers, vehicle and equipment from one place.

Associate names and information with each one of your devices easily using our control panel.

Lone worker safety helmet mount
Accurate geofencing for worker safety

2. Configure operation zones and times

Easily assign work-zones and times to multiple devices

Receive alerts based on location and time of day or if a sudden fall is detected

3. Request a location update when you need it

In an emergency, you can ask the LightBug to send its current location

From the app or website you can see the last known location and request an update.

Next time the LightBug wakes up it will send its current position (more on this below). It will keep you updated until you cancel the emergency mode.

Emergency mode find remote workers

Optional Integration

It's really simple to use our platform. But if you need to integrate LightBug into your bespoke system, we can help.

We can provide push notifications as well as pull access (through a RESTful API).

If you need a complete custom system built from scratch, chat to us

How does it work?

Configure everything

In order to achieve infinite battery life, the LightBug goes to sleep periodically. By default, it wakes up more or less often based on the charge it's getting from the solar panels. In cases where it's being kept in a bag pocket, this might mean hours before it next wakes up, which obviously isn't useful.

You can configure the LightBug to turn on more or less often based on the time of day and location (i.e. when not in the office). All the settings are there, you will just need to spend a little extra time matching LightBug's configuration to your operation.

For times when your workforce are about to go out on a job, they can press LightBug's button. This tells it to hold off going to sleep for the next hour (this time is also configurable). If they don't press the button again to end the session an alert can be triggered automatically.

Tech Spec