LightBug: Sport & Fitness GPS Tracker

You won't even notice it's there.

Absolutely tiny & Super Accurate

Coming Soon.  Get in touch for more info.

Accurate speed and distance GPS tracking

Awesome Accuracy. No phone needed.

Counting steps is so last year.

Using a fitness band? You've probably noticed that multiplying the number of steps counted by a rough guess of your stride length doesn't really cut it when you go for a run. It also needs to connect to your phone to upload the data.

LightBug has an integrated GPS and mobile phone. This means you get the accuracy and automatic uploads of a GPS tracking app, without the bulk.

Oh and LightBug's GPS is awesome. It works indoors, so running under some trees won't mean you lose half your run.

Small GPS tracker clip to shoe

Clip it. Wear it. Forget it.

We hate having stuff bouncing around in our pockets...

... and sweaty armbands that just won't stay on.

LightBug is small and barely noticeable, wherever it's attached. Just clip it onto your shoes, shorts, or top and go! Check how you did on your phone using our app when you get back.

You can attach it to your bike's saddle too, with the added bonus of working as a bike security tag when you're not on it.

Group sport GPS tracking

Setup event pages and track everyone!

Create live maps of everyone in a race

Location sharing with LightBug is fun (and completely optional). All you need is a LightBug or the LightBug app installed on your phone.

Want to prove you're the fastest? Build contests and leaderboards easily online.

Charging & Data

Because of the high update rate needed to track your run, LightBug's solar panels won't be enough to charge it between uses. Instead, just plug it into the charger after your session and it will be fully charged in less than half an hour.

Configure everything

You can configure the update rate of your LightBug to match your needs. Faster updates shorten the battery life. Less regular updates mean longer battery life. Pretty simple really.

Our app will guide you through the settings and provide you with an estimated battery life so that you don't get any surprises.

How does it work?

Tech Spec