LightBug works anywhere in the world

No need for you, or anyone else to be nearby.

LightBug can be accurate to the metre and it even works indoors. When you get close, use your phone to trigger a sound and know if you're getting hotter or colder*.

Using a super sensitive patch antenna, LightBug locates itself using both GPS & GLONASS satellite constellations.

It then transmits the information over the mobile phone network to our servers.

If you're nearby or in the house, use Bluetooth* to home in on whatever you're trying to find. LightBug can also make a noise to make it easier to locate.

You can see current as well as previous locations straight from our app or website.

Accurate GPS

Clip it. Forget it.

LightBug is fun and discrete.

Solar powered so you never need to charge it.

You can hide it under a saddle or mudguard but you'll need to charge it every few months or so. Solar panels don't work too well in the dark..

LightBug GPS phone app

Find your stuff straight from your phone.

Request a location update when you need it

Next time the LightBug wakes up it will send its current position . More info

In order to achieve infinite battery life, the LightBug goes to sleep periodically. By default, it wakes up more or less often based on the charge it's getting from the solar panels. In cases where it's being kept in a bag pocket, this might mean hours before it next wakes up, which may not be good enough for you.

You can configure the LightBug to turn on more or less often based on the time of day and location (i.e. when not at home). All the settings are there for you to match LightBug's configuration to your lifestyle.

To save battery life you can tell LightBug only to turn on when you are not nearby. By using Bluetooth to know if your phone is nearby, LightBug can switch off when it's not needed.

Clip and go

LightBug comes with a number of inclusive location and alert credits which should be enough for most people. If you requests locations regularly though, you might need to buy more. We think this is a fair way of covering our server costs without charging you for something you only use occasionally.